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dacl.ai is a platform for damage recognition enthusiasts who want to compare and share their models with the dacl community 🐕.

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Coupled to dacl.ai is bikit which was introduced in the paper: "Building Inspection Toolkit: Unified Evaluation and Strong Baselines for Damage Recognition". bikit is a simple-to-use Python API for machine learning projects in the field of damage detection for built structures, currenlty with a focus on reinforced concrete bridges. All models displayed inside dacl.ai's leaderboard are also accessible via bikit. At the moment, dacl.ai tackles bikit's datasets and models for multi-target classification. Other data such as single-target, object detection and semantic segmentation datasets will follow. You can compare models by using the leaderboard below showing the most important metrics inside of one table and two charts. If you want to contribute and share your results you can do so by submitting results here.


The leaderboard shows the results on test data of all models that were submitted to dacl.ai listed according to the EMR. Models marked with a medal represent the leader in the corresponding dataset. You can select which models, depending on their training data, you want to display by marking the checkbox above the leaderboard.


User Model name Dataset EMR (%) F1 Date Tag Git Repo


This chart displays the progress of the submitted models or rather their Exact Match Ratio (EMR) over their released date. EMR is the most important metric for multi-target classification. Further information regarding the models and the metrics may be found here.
For filtering the results, the labels under each chart can be toggled.


Recall by class

Get datasets and models

Install bikit to download datasets and pretrained models.

Improve a model or train one from scratch

Improve a pretrained model or train a model from scratch with an architecture of your choice.

Submit the results

Submit the results and we will publish them on the leaderboard. Furthermore, you can allow us to make your model available via bikit.